Have you ever heard about evil twin Wi-Fi access points? If so, it is sure that you already know that they are really risky and dangerous and they are able to destroy your lap top or any other device that you use in order to be connected on the Internet.

A cyber criminal finds it really easy to create an evil twin access point that is almost identical to a legal one and he creates such access points in order to be able to have the access that he wants to usernames and passwords or to any other data that he could be benefit from.

From all the above it is sure that the use of a VPN provider sounds as a really wonderful idea, as it is a kind of network that is able to create an encrypted channel among your device and another server. In this way no one will be able to have access to your personal data even if he is the one who has created a twin evil access point.

Another tool that has almost the same results as a VPN but it has the ability to identify and inform its users if there is a rogue evil twin access point. This tool is called EvilAP_Defender and it is able to excite each person who is going to use it.

It uses some specific features in order to make true what it promises. Some of these features are: Evil AP with a different BSSID address, Evil AP with the same BSSID as the legitimate AP but a different attribute and Evil AP with the same BSSID and attributes as the legitimate AP but different tagged parameter – mainly different OUI.

The creators of EvilAP_Defender apart from all the services that were mention above, they make another step further and they have created a denial of service that is able to help the users to avoid illegal Wi-Fi access points and only enter into Wi-Fi spots that are legal.

This is the reason why, when you come in touch with this tool you will be offered a learning mode that is able to make you understand everything about the specific tool and every little details about the services that it offers and in fact Mohamed Idris, EvilAP_Defender‘s developer said that the company is constantly in a updating mode in order to be able to add some more interesting services in the near future.

Apart from the use of those kinds of tolls such as VPN and EvilAP_Defender, it is advisable to not rely on the name of a Wi-Fi network in order to be connected through it if you do not have specific information about it. It is also sure that you need to restrict browsing on public Wi-Fi networks if you can and if you cannot and you need to visit a web site, try to not write any personal or sensitive data as it is possible to be hacked. The best solution is the use of VPN in order to ensure your browsing, as the data that you might write through this kind of network will be transformed into encrypt ones and no one will be able to see them.

Finally, you need to spend some time on thinking about which tool will be the best one for your company as the online security is something that requires great thinking and a lot of details.

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