It is true that anything offered for free attracts a huge number of people, who choose to use it just because there is no monetary fee that they have to pay. This is the case of free proxies, covering the needs of everyone who is interested in masking their IP and accessing blocked content at a global scale.

Free proxy servers act as the intermediary, redirecting the traffic accordingly and reaching the desired effect. So, many Internet users who are seeking the opportunity to unblock geographically restricted sites choose to do that through the use of free proxy.

Of course, there is a question rising as to who pays for the cost of a free proxy server and for what purpose. Solidarity is an answer that needs polishing, as apparently not many people would happily pay for giving something for free to total strangers everywhere. On the other hand, there are ads on most of the free proxy servers that we come across.

Perhaps the cost is outweighed by the revenue received by the ads. However, if we dig deeper we will realize that there is another, different motive that has promoted the use of free proxy servers and lures people toward accessing them and making use of their benefits. Let’s see what that is!

Intercepting Personal Information Online

When an Internet user visits sites offering free services (in this scenario, the present comes in the form of free proxy servers), he immediately exposes his digital traces in ways that he would not imagine that easily. Besides the obvious personal information that the site instantly gets (which is none other than the IP address of the visitor), there are many other sensitive details that can be intercepted.

For instance, banking accounts’ info and login credentials to your email account or your social media accounts can be accessed quite easily. All these details can be used on behalf of cybercriminals, such as hackers and other people who want to take advantage of such information. As a result, your privacy can be breached for the sake of a free service that is sometimes of poor quality and of no reliability whatsoever.

Can’t Premium Services Do the Same?

Well, it is a fact that even premium services could do the very same thing as the free services. Nevertheless, there is a catch that acts like a shield and ensures the privacy and security of your personal information. The subscription that you normally pay for receiving the services of your choosing is indeed a means of shielding the details related to your own account. There is no reason why someone would aim to harm that shield, given the fact that he is already being paid for being legit. So, this agreement between the premium subscriber and the service provider is solid and does not jeopardize any data.

Is It Worth the Risk?

In our opinion, definitely not! Even though there is a possibility that you will enjoy the courtesy of a free proxy server without having any security breach, there is no guarantee that you will. In the long run, the risk gets multiplied and you expose far too much information that you do not want to.

The best thing for anyone to do is to find an affordable service provider that does not compromise its quality services and that offers the optimal value for money. With this tool, you can enjoy the benefits of unblocking sites and masking your IP without losing your sleep! Do not forget that VPN encrypts your data and provides thorough protection online, so this is perhaps the ultimate solution for you to consider!

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