It is true that web surfing is not as innocent as it might seem. In fact, there are various threats that can come up during your web surfing activities. You may be under surveillance and not even know it, since there are myriads of pop-up windows, tracking cookies and other details that you are unaware of.

In frequent cases, such ads and tracking scripts end up slowing down the performance on your computer. In less frequent incidents, your computer can end up being compromised. This is not a threat to be taken lightly, right?

So, there needs to be a way for everyone to enhance overall online privacy and anonymity. In Safari, on the bright side, there are apps and extensions that are meant to do just that. Let’s have a look at some of them, shall we?

  • 1Blocker: This is an app that will help you avoid all kinds of ads and pop-up windows. It is really simple and easy to use, offering you the chance to block cookies and whitelist certain websites. You can enjoy its features for free, although there is a premium (Pro) version available at the reasonable price of $2.99.
  • Refine: This is the formerly known app under the name of Safari Blocker. This is free of charge, also. In addition, there are two built-in blockers (Classic Privacy and Classic Adblocking). The features offered by Refine and 1Blocker are quite similar, with Refine providing slightly better speed rates.
  • Adamant: With Adamant, you get to block banner ads, pop-up windows and tracking scripts, while boosting the loading times. If you are looking for a reliable method that prevents all distractions when visiting a website, Adamant might just be the one you need.
  • Wipr: Wipr is not as famous and popular as the previously mentioned apps and extensions, but it is certainly great to use. It helps you block ads and trackers of all sorts. It is automatically upgraded to the latest version for free (iOS costs just $0.99). So, this is a keeper!

If you are interested in how to enable blockers on iOS, you should head to Settings. Under Safari, you will pick Content Blockers and switch to allow that. Pretty easy!

For Mac users, you simply install the apps and go to Safari Preferences and then Extensions to switch them off or on.

There you have it! The best Safari apps and extensions that allow you to safeguard your privacy online!

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