Xbox One gathers a lot of data from its users. Then it uses the data for advertising. But how exactly does it do it? Xbox One Kinect boasts a hidden feature in its camera. This masked thing checks you many times to react to different commands.

Disengaging this annoying feature is difficult. So the only way to stay safe is to keep all metadata secure. This is data gathered from outside the system. Metadata tracks your IP address at any given time.

It also records the time you were online and the sites you visited. Metadata tracks the amount of time you spend on a given website. It logs the addresses of email senders and receipts. It even picks the names of computers, networks, and hard drives.

If companies combine these pieces of data, they could come up with a complete profile of you.

Xbox One threat to your privacy

There is a Face Recognition feature on Kinect. It allows you to form a connection with your gadget through facial verification. While it prevents others from entering your system, it stores your personal data.

Another way that Xbox One Kinect threatens you is storing your communication through Microsoft. This includes your video chat, voice chat, and live games.

Thus, the best way to boost your Xbox Privacy is to secure your metadata. To keep it safe, follow these three tips.

  • Make use of a VPN

A Virtual Private Network hides your IP address. It encrypts your web traffic and data. Thus, it prevents any criminal from tracking you. They cannot see what you are doing or where you are online. As well, generated metadata stays safe.

It is hard for anyone to associate it with your IP address. It keeps data between your gaming server and Xbox One safe.

  • Never expose your browsing activities

When you are anonymous, your IP address is not visible. Data transmission happens via many proxies before it reaches the target.

  • Add OTR to your Chat Messenger

It is vital to add an Off the Record extension to your favorite Chat Massager service. Hence, servers that you use will see only the encrypted versions of any chats you do.

Adium works for Mac and supports Google, AOL, Yahoo and Microsoft. If you use Windows or Linux, try Get Pidgin.

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