Billions of users around the world have an account on the most famous social media network (Facebook) which they use to connect with each other, getting in touch with friends, follow famous personalities or known organizations and get their status updates.

It is important that Facebook users take the necessary measures in securing their accounts as neglecting to do so may lead to theft of identity and of other important information. So please be sure to follow the tips below for maintaining the security on your Facebook account.

Ads management

Facebook is provided to you free of charge but this is because it gets its revenue from advertisements presented to its users. Facebook makes use of a complex algorithm into detecting the type of products you may be interested in and so present the relevant ads to you.

You should pay attention that the ads which appear are for safe products and they don’t oppose any threat to your Facebook account. You may adjust the Ad preferences for your account and thus assure you will be receiving ads that are as close to your interests as possible. This is one step into maintaining a safe Facebook account.

Posts control

Many Facebook users are fond of sharing their achievements and experiences on their personal Facebook wall and may include a bit too much personal information some times.

If you are such a type of user, you should change this habit soon as you may be sharing information that can get your account hacked by malicious users. Facebook gives you the ability to configure the level of privacy on each post that you make, so in general, posts of highly private nature should be shared with Friends only or Family only group and other unimportant posts can be shared with the public.

Managing invitations and apps

You should review any invitations and recommendations that you receive from other Facebook users before you decide what to do next. Also you can block invitations from certain applications / application types (eg you can block Games if you don’t like to use Facebook for playing games) and eventually this will make your News feed to show more appropriate content and certainly closer to what you wish to see.

Other security tips

Some other features you can enable for keeping your Facebook account secure are:

1) Post review feature (It allows you to review each post before sharing it).

2) Friend’s assistance feature (Enabling this will help you to ensure that you have a backup solution into getting back the control of your account in case it gets hacked).

In conclusion, you should follow the set of tips described in this article for maintaining security on your Facebook account but keep also in mind though that you should also use a strong password for your account so this it won’t be easy to discover by anyone.

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