Gmail has been one of the most popular email services all over the world. Millions of users choose Gmail, due to the cool features that it offers and the large capacity of emails provided. However, we often tend to neglect the issue of online privacy when it comes to email accounts.

In fact, it is true that most people confuse email security with overall online security and this can be tricky. In order to remain thoroughly protected, we need to upgrade the security layering on our Gmail account, apart from everything else. If you are wondering how you can do that, here are some suggestions:

  • Security Checkup: This is a tool given to you by Gmail. Login in and go to the Security Checkup. Get Started is your next option and you move on from that point. As you go, you will see that some issues emerge and you become aware of them, in order to get them fixed.
  • Account Recovery: Next, you should revise your Account Recovery settings. Make sure that you have given the correct phone number or a valid alternative email account for recovery. This information should be real unless you do not care about starting from scratch, and losing all your emails.
  • 2-Step Verification: From Start Setup, you can choose to use 2-Step Verification for your email account. This will enable you to use not only a password, but a code also for getting into your email account. The code will be sent to you via your phone, in order to enhance your security even further.
  • Password: This one is perhaps the most important thing that you should keep in mind. You should not settle for any easy to guess password and of course, you should not use the same password on multiple accounts. Find a difficult (nearly unbreakable) password. If you are finding it hard to remember, store your password using a password manager.

These are some simple and greatly effective ways for you to upgrade your Gmail security. You do not need to be a tech expert, so as to make the most out of securing your emails. In fact, these are all features offered by Gmail with the purpose of keeping you safe. You should not neglect them. Instead, make good use of them and see the results every time you get online, without any fear of having your Gmail account compromised!

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