Ross Ulbricht has become really famous in a bad way, as he was the owner of Silk Road that was founded some years ago. Silk Road was an online marketplace that was described as the “Amazon of drugs.” This is not an unfair characterization, especially if you consider that over 50 per cent of transactions were related with marijuana and cocaine.

According to the FBI, the value of transactions made in the Silk Road stands at 1.5 billion dollars while the supplies that the site took has reached the sum of $80 million. All the above are just some of the reasons why Ross Ulbricht was arrested in San Francisco with a variety of categories.

The most amazing thing about this case is the fact that it was not only Ross Ulbricht the criminal regarding Silk Road. Two former federal agents are also dealing with charges that have to do with money laundering and fraud stemming that has to do with their investigation into the Silk Road case.

The first arrest involved the name of Carl Marc, who was a member of the drug enforcement administration or in other words DEA and the second arrest was done to Shaun Bridges who work as a federal secret service agent and both of them were members of the Baltimore. Concerning these two people rumors say that both of them were benefit from the information that they have manage to gather and helped them to go further in the Silk Road case.

The Silk Road could not be found by any famous search engine, not even if you knew the exact address as it was working in the deep web. Deep web is a piece of the Internet that works just like the Internet but the servers and the users can not be detected by anyone. To make it even more difficult to identify the people, the address’ domain was .onion instead of .com or .net, which is that most web pages have.

The lawyers of the owner of the Silk Road, might had refused all the categories but there was strong evidence that Ross Ulbricht was behind the largest illegal online marketplace. The most important of these categories was the one that referred to the bitcoin property as it exceeded $80 million, an amount that actually represents the 5% of all the bitcoins worldwide. Authorities have seized this amount but the bitcoins cannot be used yet as they have not been deciphered.

Transactions in the Silk Road marketplace were performed exclusively with bitcoins so that there is no official document indicating the illegal transactions. The merchants of the Silk Road were charged with converting bitcoins in “real” money and the one that made the conversion just asked for a commission.

The most amazing thing in this unique case was the fact that Ross Ulbricht did not try to make another profile and this was proved as a girl who was dating him and they were met through a dating web page asked him about his job and he said that he was the owner of a web page that looked like Amazon but it operated locally. In his LinkedIn profile he had states that: “… creating an economic simulation to give people a first-hand experience of what it would be like to live in a world without the systemic use of force …”.

From all the above, you can easily understand that Ross Ulbricht knew exactly what he was doing and had not sense of fear and he felt that he was lucky. The arresting of these two federal agents is definitely something that will “work” beneficial in his case and in fact there are many people who wonder if this case became so popular due to the fact that the government wants to show people how awful it is to browse anonymously through the web. If we take the last sentence as a fact we will realize that Ross Ulbricht was just a “tool” for the government or he was not?

Top/Featured image: By Elizabeth Williams/AP

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