A good thing is not as good if you cannot enjoy it with others, right? Why have a nice movie, an awesome software or an incredible book if you cannot enjoy it with others?

Torrents are the easiest way through which users can share content. This is because torrents allow peer-to-peer sharing. With torrents the file to be shared does not have to be in a central server. One only needs to create a torrent file which will execute by fetching the shared file from the computer of the person sharing. That is why torrents are able to fetch files from multiple computers.

To download a shared file you need to have a special kind of software called a torrent client.  You also need to try and stay anonymous because peer-to-peer sharing is prohibited in some regions. Besides, you don’t want everyone seeing what your download habits are like. To do this simply get a VPN subscription. Here is a list of top five torrent clients.

  1. μTorrent

This is the world’s most popular torrent client. The software is light as well as easy to use. μTorrent is able to capture magnetic links at download to a specified location un your hard disk. μTorrent is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac as well as Android. The software however shows adverts although they are not intrusive.

  1. Tixati

Tixati is another highly popular client. User who love this point out that it’s lightweight as well as very fast. Tixati allows for bandwidth management so that downloads don’t hog all the speeds. The software also allows advanced users tweak settings with capabilities such as RSS settings and IP filtering. Tixati can be used on Windows and Mac only.

  1. BitLord

BitLord is the lightest client we have come across. It has also been hailed for being efficient. BitLord has embedded video streaming players and a torrent search engine. This makes it easy to find whatever you need to download. However, it is only compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Blackberry OS.

  1. Vuze

Vuze stands out from the other clients in that it makes a VPN connection mandatory. This goes to show they take security and anonymity seriously. In addition, Vuze features many convenient features such as automated subscription, streaming options, drag and drop capability as well as compatibility with Windows, Mac OS, Android and Linux. Vuze has subscription packages for users as well.

With the above clients, you should be able to easily share and download.

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