There is shock throughout the MLB community following revelations that an official of the Cardinals, Christopher Correa, has been found guilty of having successfully accessed the database of a rival team, the Houston Astros.

According to details of the legal proceedings of the case, Correa managed to gain unauthorised access to the database of the Astros for an extended period of time.

It is not clear what Correa did when he accessed the database of the rival team. However, investigators pointed out that Correa managed to access highly secretive information of the rival team and that he must have used the information to undermine the strategic decisions of the Astros.

Teams competing in the MLB maintain high-level databases of the players they are interested in as well as the performance of their current team members. Teams nowadays have high-tech analytics groups who help them carefully assess the performance of targets before making moves.

It is observed that any team that gains insider knowledge of the analytics of a rival team can easily undermine the other team in its decision making.

Many observers in the industry have pointed out that Correa must have used the information about the objectives and intentions of the Astros to help the Cardinals make highly competitive decisions.

In his defence, Correa started that he only accessed the Astros database as part of his private investigations on the allegations that the Astros must have been stealing the secrets of his team.

However, investigators were quick to dismiss this line of defence, arguing that there had been no any prior indication that the Astros were attempting to access the database of the Cardinals.

Correa joins a list of other former officials in the MLB that have been banned from the game for life for similar allegations.

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