Online privacy is of the essence nowadays, since there are a lot of threats out there trying to compromise our web surfing. It is true that technology has come a long way and nobody can deny that. Gadgets have made our lives a lot easier, facilitating our work and our daily routine on the whole.

However, such privileges do not come without a price. In this case, the price that we are forced to pay is the exposure of our digital selves. Especially when it comes to surveillance from the government, this is spooky. This is not an enemy easily identifiable, such as hackers. Still, they are equally capable of spying on us.

Be it a hacker or a member of surveillance teams paid by the government, it is really frustrating that our Internet connection is not secured. On the bright side, we can be precautious and think ahead, in avoidance of such negative consequences. If you are interested in seeing how you can remain protected online, check out our tips:

  • Covering Your Photo Camera

Although most of us do not regard this as a threat, it is true that the mobile phone can be a source of exposure for the user. The camera on a smartphone can be proven an easy target, in order to snoop on us and even capture ourselves in private moments.

The Eye Patch Caseis a great way to make sure that no exposure occurs, while using the phone. With a sliding lens cap, you cover the phone without requiring any extra effort or additional feature glued on the camera – and potentially damaging its quality.

  • Covering Your Laptop Camera

There are multiple ways for you to cover your laptop camera. Of course, you can understand why the camera on your laptop can trigger problems of privacy breach to you. So, the basic idea is none other than finding a material that will cover the laptop camera.

You may use a sticker that is not transparent, so as to prevent exposure online. There are also covers for cameras available on the market for you to check out and purchase. In case nothing else works or is available at the specific moment you wish to cover your tracks, use a band-aid. This will do the work, as well!

In order for you to remain thoroughly protected, you cannot be too careful. So, do not ignore the exposure threats that might come up through your camera. It is always best to be cautious, than trying to clean up after the mess. Go ahead with hiding the cameras on every device you use and enjoy web surfing without any second thought!

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