SMS Spoofing has increased in popularity over the past few years, with the world being gradually introduced to its innovative technology. With the term of SMS Spoofing, we typically refer to the process that allows a user to alter the number and details highlighted as the SMS sender.

This means that with the use of this technology one can totally remain anonymous an even impersonate another individual or company. As you can imagine, SMS Spoofing has not been received positively by everyone around the globe. Instead, there have been legal issues and complaints related to this technology and the impact that it can have to society.

The Story of

Back in 2005, was launched and introduced this service to the public. Nevertheless, the whole scheme was only live for a few days and then all hell broke loose! All the esteemed mobile carriers had received significant complaints from users, who appeared to be sending messages that they were completely unaware of.

This has led to a complete chaos, with the service provider pushing the company towards ceasing its operation. On the bright side, over a quarter of a million (250,000) people had managed to visit the service prior to its cease of work. This highlights the interest of people to make use of such a service to their own benefit.

Nowadays, there are several companies that appear to be doing the same thing. SMS Spoofing has become more broadly known and people have been trying to take advantage of its benefits. Of course, not all countries are equally positive (or even indifferent) towards the operation of these SMS spoofing companies and the changed SMS that can occur. In fact, the US has been proven to be extremely strict and this is why you can see that Europe and Australia have been the places where most spoofing takes place. However, the US has not been that strict with the Caller ID services available on the market.

How Can I Engage in SMS Spoofing?

If you are interested in learning more about SMS Spoofing or even if you are intrigued to try it out yourself, there are many different service providers that you can turn to. Below, we offer you some of the most popular websites, where you can get exactly what you need. Please, feel free to compare and contrast their pros and cons – if there is a demo available, check it out! This is the safest way for you to conclude as to the best and most suitable service for you. So, here are some links to the websites that offer SMS Spoofing:

Legal Issues with SMS Spoofing

There are many people who claim that SMS Spoofing is illegal. It is in fact a tool that can be used both for good and evil purposes. So, it is in your hands to use it for the right thing and worry not about the ethical claims and the legal issues deriving in certain cases. Of course, you are encouraged to learn more about the legislation applied to your country and to the country where you wish to send spoofed messages to (if you wish to send SMS abroad).

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