Social media platforms have been turning more popular than ever before, since they attract the interest of all age groups, backgrounds, sexes and so on. Not many people can claim that they do not find social networking interesting and tempting altogether.

In order to communicate with friends and make the most out of your free time, find other friends online and gather information about anything that interests you, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and Google+ are the best options to consider.

However, along with great things comes trouble and in the case of social networking, there are quite a few online threats you ought to deal with. For instance, there are several cases of overexposure online. People may end up sharing a lot more information than what they would otherwise.

Social media will seem a great way to highlight various aspects of your life and so this is a whole pool of new, personal information. Although it sounds amazing to be able and have such an impact on their social life, the threat of having your sensitive info compromised is not so appealing.

In order to prevent privacy breaches on social networking, there are certain safety measures that need to be taken into consideration:

  • First of all, you need to modify the privacy settings on every social media platform you use. This means that you have to change the visibility of your profile and all the images and updates you share with others. According to your personalized demands, you may choose to share content only with friends of yours or with friends of your friends and so on.
  • Another piece of advice is for you to think twice prior to posting online. Even if some information seems harmless in the first place, chances are that you will be able to reveal things like where you live, where you work etc. In the wrong hands, these details may not be harmless.
  • Of course, you ought to make sure that you use strong passwords on social networks. Do not use the same passwords on every platform and be proactive, so as not to store the passwords on your device. In this way, you will not need to worry about someone penetrating your social media account once having accessed your device.

Follow these instructions and you will notice a huge difference on social networking. You do not have to say goodbye to your habit of logging in and connecting to others online, but you definitely need to reassess your overall online privacy!

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