Net neutrality has become a top priority for the USA and especially President Obama, who has been motivating the FCC to classify the Internet as utility for months now. Network neutrality rules are expected today, February 5th, by FCC. As we have seen before, the Republicans are not in favour of the idea and in fact they have raised an eyebrow and expressed their concerns via a letter to the Chairman of the FCC.

The basic principal of free and equally accessible Internet is of vital importance and should not be jeopardized, according to the ones who see the necessity of everyone communicating and transmitting data without any restriction or discrimination. However, the reactions do exist and even seem hard to overcome to this date.

Delivering packets of data without any difference in the speed sounds pretty just, even though there are by default differences when it comes to transmitting gaming or videos that require a lot of bandwidth. According to a recent report by Columbia University, net neutrality is something that should not be regarded as negative and avoidable. On the contrary, there is evidence that: “shows how the introduction of a public-option ISP works to align the interests of both customers and ISPs, in the process achieving a free, open Internet without regulation.”

There are people who believe that much broader terms of use would be even more effective, regarding how the Internet works. For instance, a term could indicate that a service provider would not be allowed to have significant differences in the speed of the Internet that is offered through its various plans. Fast lanes would not become too tempting, in this way.

So, although competition would still exist, the other plans would not be substantially damaged by the inequality. Another term would suggest that the performance of each Internet service provider would be exposed publicly, for everyone to check.

Monopolies can truly damage competition and harm the needs of customers everywhere. Without ensuring that everything would be in the aim of producing the most beneficial results to the public, there is no way of guaranteeing that there is common ground on which to start building. It goes without even saying that the Internet is of paramount value nowadays and most people cannot do without its benefits. So, there is basis as to the claim of considering it utility.

Net neutrality is difficult to achieve and therefore it is true that more time is required. A lot of effort ought to be put into effect, so as for a mutual agreement to be reached (between people who are in favor of the act like Obama and those who oppose to that).

Still, this does not mean that this aim ought to be given up. Instead, whatever it is called (whether it is under the name of net neutrality or something else), more equality should be targeted for the interest of all customers who make use of the web.

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