Recently, a new study being performed by Experian proves that illegal trading on the web or otherwise the black market online has increased really rapidly over the last years. In fact, in 2014 110 million items were sold illegally on the web from many people worldwide thus 40% increase in comparison with 2013 and 300% in comparison with 2012. 96.5% of this kind of trading on the web must not surprise you if you consider the number of high profiles of this year.

The Experian Company has been trying to monitor the online activity with the help of monitoring tools that act against ID theft and data and hopes in this way to have a result concerning the findings. During their second research, Experian found out that among 2,000 adults it was noticed that there was a kind of improvement in security behavior but this does not proves something.

The fact that millions of users are closing and opening new or inactive accounts, it is amazing that a great percentage of them almost 1 in 20 use the same passwords to new ones and 1 to 10 said that they have never changed their passwords as long as they use the Internet.

Peter Turner, who is the managing director of Experian, has stated the following: “These results are startling and combined with the knowledge that we have also seen a 37% increase in those receiving help from the Experian Victims of Fraud team in the last year, it is clear that identity theft and resulting fraud is a real concern.” he had also added that: “Given the number of online services that we all use each and every day, it is so important that we are all vigilant in protecting our information online. While this may seem like a mammoth task, know that companies are using ever more sophisticated technologies to detect and prevent fraud and if we all implement even the basics of online identity protection, we will together make it far more difficult for online criminals to succeed.”

This phenomenon, thus the fact that most adults have lack of security themes in comparison with the rapid increase of online black market, must bother us all even if we have never performed an illegal trading on the web. Do not be surprised because your children, family members or even your friends might do it and it is sure that they are considered to be cyber criminals.

So if you are wondering of the actions that you must engage in, so as for you to stop this, it is sure that the first thing that you need to do is to talk with them about it and make them understand the risks that they are taking and also to make them believe of how risky it is if they do not follow the basic security terms.

Always have in your mind that a great number of companies just like Experian that are based in the UK, are doing the same work as the previous one and this is definitely something that must scare you because their next finding might be you.

Follow all the security terms and stop performing trades when it comes to online black market and you will see in the long term that the world that you live in will be a better one in the future!

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