Adobe Flash Will Change to Adobe Animate CC: What Happens to Its Security Flaws?

Adobe Flash will be replaced by Adobe Animate CC in early 2016, with new features and with security concerns still troubling computer users. Starting January 2016, Adobe Flash will offer its place to Adobe Animate CC. However, there are still concerns as to the security issues that have been addressed over time regarding Adobe. Now, […]

0day potent flash gets release into the wild because of Hacking Team leak

As the data from Italy based surveillance software seller named Haking Team got hacked, and their compromised data got exposed online – researchers are sifting through all of the stolen material.

Critical Adobe Reader, MS Windows font vulnerability can lead to complete system compromise

15 critical vulnerabilities in Windows and Adobe software are reported by a Google Project Zero researcher, the vulnerabilities also include sever ones that can enable attackers to completely compromise a system. Even the era of high quality security mechanisms and mitigations, 2015, posses weaknesses where a single good vulnerability can still cause a complete system […]