Why You Should Remain Anonymous Online

There are many different threats lurking in the shadows online. In order for you remain safe, you should also consider maintaining your anonymity. In fact, there are a lot of different benefits deriving from online anonymity. You should not take this matter lightly; on the contrary, you ought to be considerate and prudent security-wise. So, […]

Internet dating signals hinder by anonymous browsing

Huge information (you can say big data in technical terms) and the developing frame of internet dating destinations might be reshaping a central human movement: finding a mate, or if nothing else a date. Yet another study in Management Science finds that particular longstanding social standard hold on, even on the web.

Want to Chat Anonymously? Try Tor Messenger

Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger,  … the most prominent services in the field of instant messaging aren’t as a matter of course the most secure, with lower level of assurance for individual data and an absence of the security for messages sent/receive via them. As a result of this, it’s feasible for said data […]

SMS Spoofing and What You Need to Know

SMS Spoofing has increased in popularity over the past few years, with the world being gradually introduced to its innovative technology. With the term of SMS Spoofing, we typically refer to the process that allows a user to alter the number and details highlighted as the SMS sender.

5 Sharp Myths about Anonymity When Using VPN

With the number of VPN providers gradually increasing, so does the number of those VPN providers that promise “no logging” and “online anonymity” while in fact the way they handle your data is not so much transparent. Some of these VPN providers retain a significant amount of user data despite the fact that they advertise […]