The Complete Guide to Using Bitcoins

Bitcoin is a kind of electronic currency (peer-to-peer money, to be exact), produced and distributed digitally. Human involvement is quite minor. Bitcoins are non-printed money, an approach opposite to the conventional principle of currency. They are generated by a considerable amount of people using networked computer systems all around the globe using software.

Increase in Encryption Everywhere Causing issues for US Government

A really common question that comes into almost everyone’s minds is of course the one that has to do with spy agencies that work for the government and how much access must have to data that considered being personal.

All You Need to Know about VPN Technology, in a Nutshell

It is sure that Internet has become a vital service for all kinds of people, for all ages and for all sexes. Even though the Internet might be vital, the same goes for the Internet security systems that everyone must use in order to be protected against all kinds of risks.

Research Proved That 81% of People Who Use Tor Can be Identified

For the last 6 years a research has been completed, stating that 81% of the people who use a Tor proxy can easily be identified. These people can be identified by the Netflow technology that is used by Cisco. Cisco uses a router protocol suite and some other traffic analysis tools that make it easy […]

Violation of Online Privacy and the Cost to the Internet Users, and Details about Whisper

It has been a really difficult week for the developers of the Whisper platform as The Guardian has put its mobile application to one of the first privacy violation app. The Guardian claims that Whisper is an app that “hacks” the personal information of its users and offers it to law enforcement agencies that are […]

Important Details about Tor and How to Use It Properly

From the first moment that Snowden said that there are many NSA spies on the web, almost all Internet users became concerned about their privacy and the safety of their files. This revelation was something that has revived Tor. Do not try to think of the reasons why this sounds beneficial for Tor, because this […]

Ways to Stop Being Tracked from Google Maps

It is a common secret that Google knows almost everything about everyone just like your hobbies, your age your relationship status your interests and generally everything that you have already publish on the web. In case you have a Gmail or you use any of Google applications, it is almost sure that Google might have […]

Feel Free to Browse Anonymously Online with VPN

Nowadays, a really important matter that concerns almost all modern Internet users is of course the matter of privacy. It is for sure a really crucial theme that needs a lot of thinking and a matter that need to concern 100% of the people worldwide. If you cannot think of a reason to do it […]