How to get deals on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is the rage now. However, you may find it difficult to experience the beauty of this new product because of the restrictions that Nintendo, the company, places on its devices and games. Here are details of the restrictions and how you can successfully bypass them using VPN.

The August Trojan: Tips on how you can protect yourself

The August Trojan is a new and very dangerous form of malware that is causing havoc to many people around the world. Hackers are using this new form of malware to steal the personal credentials that individuals use on instant messaging services as well as for cryptocurrencies. Here are tips about the malware and how […]

Uber App’s New Updates and Your Security

Uber, the popular taxi-hailing app, has released new updates to its app. The new updates have caused uproar because of what many people consider to be an attempt by the company to intrude into the privacy of individuals. The crux of the matter is that now, the app requires you to allow it to track […]

How to Apply Operations Security (OPSEC): 3 Steps

Operations security helps to secure your data from hackers, spies and other people or institutions who would like to access your data. In the current times, you need OPSEC more than ever. Governments across the world are passing laws that they can use to access your data at will. Moreover, cybercriminals are developing new hacking […]

4 Benefits of Using a VPN when Playing Call of Duty (COD)

You need to use a VPN to play the new version of Call of Duty (COD): Infinite Warfare. There are several benefits that you will get if you use a good VPN service like to play the new version of this popular game. Here are some of the top benefits that you can get […]