Uber App’s New Updates and Your Security

Uber, the popular taxi-hailing app, has released new updates to its app. The new updates have caused uproar because of what many people consider to be an attempt by the company to intrude into the privacy of individuals. The crux of the matter is that now, the app requires you to allow it to track […]

Biggest, Most Frequent Mistakes for Businesses after Data Breach

Even in the misfortune incident of a data breach, businesses ought to pull themselves together and come up with swift, efficient solutions. The way you deal with a problem is equally, if not more, important when compared to the initial problem itself. However, in many cases the behavior of the people responsible for the security […]

How to React after a Data Security Breach

Sony hacking incident has just highlighted how vulnerable businesses can be at a global scale, when it comes to their own online safety. Even though many business owners tend to underestimate the problem and think that a data security breach will never happen to them, more often than not they are proven wrong.

How to protect your website from hackers

If you own a business, you must have comprehended by now the need for an online presence, as it gives many advantages to your business like the ability to be always available to your clients and the chance for people at remote locations to get familiar with your business.

Right Way to Have a Thorough Backup Strategy for Your Site

It is really important for you to keep backups of everything regarding your computer, as safety matters the most and there may be a lot of risks trying to compromise this safety in the long run. Make sure to have as many different copies of your files and documents, especially the ones that you find […]