Internet Surveillance Concerns that Got Raised by Charlie Hebdo Attacks

charlie hebdo attacks raised internet surveillance concerns

There are growing concerns as to how Charlie Hebdo attacks in France are going to affect Internet surveillance in the country and the world. Rumors dictate that stricter legislation is bound to apply against terrorism.

The wound has not yet healed after the recent tragedy at Charlie Hebdo magazine, with the word about terrorism spreading. There is an alarmingly increasing fear that the incident with the shootings in France is not the end at this war against freedom of speech. However, there is another issue at stake; freedom of speech is not only jeopardized by those who react violently and try to erase any opinion not matching their own beliefs. On the contrary, there is another imminent danger that we should be aware of and this is the danger of lack of Internet freedom. Continue reading “Internet Surveillance Concerns that Got Raised by Charlie Hebdo Attacks”