Reasons China is certainly strict about Internet censorship

China is indisputably among the countries that apply the heaviest censorship globally. There is great reason for such online limitations applied by China. In fact, there are quite a few different reasons that add to the use of online restrictions.

Pakistani president to meet Chinese present in second World Internet Conference.

Mamnoon Hussain, current Pakistani president to meet President Xi Jinping in Chinese city Wuzhen on Wednesday where he will be going to the second World Internet Conference. They will without a doubt commend Mr Xi and Mr Lu when those men portray what Beijing calls “a multilateral, majority rule, straightforward worldwide web administration framework that will […]

World Internet Conference and the Presence of Xi Jinping from China

Xi Jinping from China will be attending the second World Internet Conference, despite the heavy censorship applied by Chinese Government. When it comes to online freedom, China cannot take pride in being among the first countries in ranking. Actually, the opposite is true about the Chinese Government. To be more specific, they have ranked last […]

Unblock and Use Instagram in China

Taking after the dissents in Hong Kong in the September 2014, the Chinese government continued to square Instagram and it stays obstructed right up the present time in the territory of China. It isn’t quite a bit of an issue to get to Instagram in China, undergoing a little research and perusing. Most folks call […]

Unblock and Watch YouTube in China

If you are a resident of China, then you are one of the many people facing the censorship laws that are in place and blocking access to various famous websites, with YouTube being one of them. The Chinese government has placed strict rules as far as Internet usage is concerned, applying unparalleled censorship techniques which […]

Learn How to Unblock and Use Gmail in China

If you live in China, you may have heard of the “Golden Shield project” (also known as the “Great firewall of China”). The Ministry of public security of the government of China uses this project as the main instrument for applying Internet censorship and block access to unfavorable foreign sites.

What Does Russia and China ‘No Hack’ Agreement Mean For America?

According to the WSJ (Wall Street Journal), China and Russia have more solidified their growing and maturing relationship current week via making an online security deal. As indicated by The Wall Street Journal (WJS), the two nations have promised not to dispatch cyberattacks against one another. They’ve further consented to a trade of technology, as […]