Internet of things and cloud are inseparable

A week ago, the yearly Consumer Electronics Show (CES) highlighted a lot of cloud-related declarations from a wide assortment of organizations. In reality, most new gadgets, from coolers to autos, have a monstrous cloud-based back end. The cloud segments of these tech advances are turning out to be more systemic. For sure, the cloud is […]

Public clouds and relative security risks

The use of cloud services is the latest trend in the IT world. It is the idea of using a remote internet location for storing and sharing data instead of a local physical machine. The only difference with the public clouds is that they are accessible by any user browsing the internet.

Truly Care about Personal Cloud Security? Here’re 3 Golden Rules to Follow

Can you recall how the personal IT infrastructure of yours used to look like about 8 or 9 years ago? The chances are you just had a typical desktop computer or just had your first laptop with you. Dial up connection was what you probably relied on or you had a relatively poor DSL connection. […]