Protect Your Device against Phishing Attacks

In modern society, the Internet plays an important role. As a result, people are dependent on the web and therefore, they need to make sure that they are always secured and safe online. In order to do so, phishing attacks and other similar threats need to be dealt with effectively.

How hackers get into your system actually

It goes without saying that the world today runs on computer systems. Now on one hand there are computer users and on the other there are computer hackers. Hackers are always finding ways to exploit weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the system so they can break in and do their malicious or criminal things. Lately the […]

Biggest, Most Frequent Mistakes for Businesses after Data Breach

Even in the misfortune incident of a data breach, businesses ought to pull themselves together and come up with swift, efficient solutions. The way you deal with a problem is equally, if not more, important when compared to the initial problem itself. However, in many cases the behavior of the people responsible for the security […]

Your digital devices are as valuable as oxygen

If you come to think about it, our digital devices contain a lot of our legacy, in terms of contacts and documents, emails and other forms of information. Without them, we would pretty much feel lost and therefore we should regard them as valuable and hard to replace.

Botnet Servers and Top 10 Countries Where They Are Found

If you think that botnets are only found in the East, due to the looser legislation and the room for money laundering, you should definitely re-evaluate. It is true that botnets have been found in the West, too. Indeed, their span is worldwide and there is no argument on this acknowledgement. Their number is growing […]

Fixing the top 5 Cyber Security Vulnerabilities

Cyber security vulnerabilities are what attackers are trying to exploit with the ultimate purpose to access a system and get a hold of private user data. In order to keep yourself prepared for such attacks, you must learn how these attack methods work. If you have this knowledge, it will help you prevent such attacks.

How to respond to a DDoS attack

It is important for an organization, a business or even an individual to have a plan ready for the unfortunate event of being targeted by a DDoS attack. These types of attacks have become quite common and continue on increasing and so the organizations need to constantly review their plans on responding to such attacks.

How to Avoid Social Engineering Attacks Effectively Online

Social engineering attacks have been increasing rapidly and this makes our attempt to be kept safe against such threats even more essential. With the use of social engineering hacks, experts can lure people into handing out their personal information without actually knowing what they do.

Logjam flaw leaves browsers alongside thousands of HTTPS websites vulnerable

According to a latest report from Ars Technia, millions of HTTPS based sites, mail servers as well as other online services might eventually be left vulnerable because of a security bug that could allow cyber-criminals to successfully snoop and modify the encrypted data.