Ways Cyber Criminals Make Money from the Gamers

Online gaming has been on the rise over the past few years and this is a global phenomenon. Platforms such as Steam and Battle.net are filled with people who enjoy gaming – but not only with them! Unfortunately, there are also online scammers and cyber criminals trying to lure their prey. In fact, Steam has […]

Dealing with Cybercrime through Proper Change in Human Behavior

The investments that have been made in the field of preventing cyberattacks have not been that fruitful, as we can witness through the charts and stats revealing the increasing number of such malicious incidents. Even though resources are multiplied, the results do not get a lot better than what they were a few years back. […]

End User Encryption: When Do You Reasonably Need to Use Data Encryption?

Encryption is the in-word in internet security and privacy circles. It is also the word on the lips of law enforcement, and not in a good. See, encryption has always been there but it is only in the last decade or so that people decided to commercialize it on a large scale.

A Recent Study Proves that Black Market on the Web Has Increased Rapidly

Recently, a new study being performed by Experian proves that illegal trading on the web or otherwise the black market online has increased really rapidly over the last years. In fact, in 2014 110 million items were sold illegally on the web from many people worldwide thus 40% increase in comparison with 2013 and 300% […]