Five internet risks to be on the look-out for throughout 2016

The internet is a risky place as much as it is a fun place to be. The freedoms allowed in it have been abused by some criminal elements and therefore we are left with no option but to be wary. In law they say ignorance is no defense, in cyber security we say ignorance is […]

BitTorrent software exploit leads to cyber warfare

As reported by torrentfreak, new research from Florian Adamsky of City University London has demonstrated illegal downloads of movies and software is not the limit to the criminal capabilities of the popular torrent software. His research shows BitTorrent can also be used for cybercrime.

What Does Russia and China ‘No Hack’ Agreement Mean For America?

According to the WSJ (Wall Street Journal), China and Russia have more solidified their growing and maturing relationship current week via making an online security deal. As indicated by The Wall Street Journal (WJS), the two nations have promised not to dispatch cyberattacks against one another. They’ve further consented to a trade of technology, as […]

Internet Surveillance Concerns that Got Raised by Charlie Hebdo Attacks

There are growing concerns as to how Charlie Hebdo attacks in France are going to affect Internet surveillance in the country and the world. Rumors dictate that stricter legislation is bound to apply against terrorism. The wound has not yet healed after the recent tragedy at Charlie Hebdo magazine, with the word about terrorism spreading. […]