want to hide Skype IP? Just update it

Hide Skype IP

Did you ever wanted to hide Skype IP? Well, Microsoft, the giant behind Skype has heard you!

Microsoft has propelled another Skype update – its video calling service – which will shroud all clients’ IP addresses as a matter of course. The innovation Goliath had discharged comparative upgrades before, wherein clients could physically conceal their IP address from being seen by different clients. Continue reading “want to hide Skype IP? Just update it”

The Internet of Things and Predictions for the Future in Security

internet of things security future

The Internet of Things is the connection of various devices that leads to their interaction, without any physical presence and action taking place. According to a report from Gartner, over 25 billion devices will have been connected to the IoT and this is definitely an astonishing number to contemplate. Nobody can argue that the Internet of Things has been growing exponentially, with the world coming to realize just how great the potential can be for such conveniences occurring to modern societies. Continue reading “The Internet of Things and Predictions for the Future in Security”