Social Media Privacy and How to Achieve it

Social Media Privacy

Nowadays, more and more people are turning to social media in order to spend their free time pleasantly. Only few of these people have thought about social media privacy and that is the reason why some times they put every single detail of their personal data to be seen from everyone, who might visit their social media web page.

If you are not careful on how and where you publish your personal information, or if your personal data falls into the wrong hands, such information may be used by some people who want to defame or to embarrass you, by revealing your private moments. This kind of information may complicate your life in the future, in a way that you cannot even dare to imagine. In extreme cases, you can even become a theft victim or even a victim of harassment. Continue reading “Social Media Privacy and How to Achieve it”

Erase Digital Footprints with the Use of VPN

Erase Digital Footprints

Digital footprints include the data that is left on our behalf, tracking back to us as we are surfing the web. Due to the sophistication of tracking devices and software (cookies, ads and so on), there are many cases where digital footprints are not easily erased and can even jeopardize the security layering of Internet users.

Imagine companies feeding on the personal information that you reveal through the digital footprints that you use and even monetizing such information that they sell to others. Every piece of information is valuable, as this is the era of information that we live in.

Whenever you visit a website and whenever you search for a specific keyword using a search engine, the web overflows with the new traces that you add and that are easily monitored and taken advantage of the ones who lurk in the dark and wish to write down the fresh info that they have detected. Continue reading “Erase Digital Footprints with the Use of VPN”