How to Get a Hacked Email Account Back

It is not rare a phenomenon for email accounts to be hacked. It is definitely a misfortunate event, but nobody can argue that hackers have become a lot more sophisticated than in the past. As a result, they penetrate the email accounts easily and they manage to get sensitive data from their owners.

Facebook users can now decide to encrypt emails just like password resets and other private data

The social media giant is taking step forward for providing consumers with encrypted communications online, as it has begun to roll out a trial feature that can secure emails sent through the Facebook. This certainly is another blow to the surveillance, which is good to see!

Brutal Reality: FBI and CIA can intercept e-mails, even from so-called anonymous e-mail services

All e-mails are meant to be protected within the United States by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA). However, this act has been heavily criticized by the people for not doing what it is supposed to every single time. If you think about the breaches and leaks that have to do with e-mails that happen […]