Turkey Maintains Blockade on Tor and VPNs

The Turkish government has maintained its blockade on Tor and VPN services in the country. According to Turkey Blocks, a site that provides real-time information on Internet censorship in the country, the Turkish government seems intent on curtailing the internet freedom of individuals in the country for as long as it takes. A few weeks […]

4 Benefits of Using a VPN when Playing Call of Duty (COD)

You need to use a VPN to play the new version of Call of Duty (COD): Infinite Warfare. There are several benefits that you will get if you use a good VPN service like hide.me to play the new version of this popular game. Here are some of the top benefits that you can get […]

Is Going Offline the Solution to Increasing Online Threats for Privacy Breaches?

The National Telecommunications & information Administration has completed a report, with some very important conclusions. According to the report, an increasing number of citizens may stop using the Internet due to the privacy breaches and the intrusive nature of the government. About 45% of Americans agree that privacy loss is an existing fear.

New Legislation Allows the FBI to Prosecute VPN and Tor Users

The Supreme Court in the United States has changed Rule 41, in order to give more power to the FBI and allegedly fight against terrorism. With these new changes, a judge will be able to issue a warrant for search and seizure of computers, even beyond the limits of his or her jurisdiction.

Encryption Backdoors and All the Info about Them

The FBI and Apple have been debating, following the San Bernardino case and the demand of the former to the latter concerning the creation of an encryption backdoor. This backdoor would be used by the FBI, in order to identify the threat and gain valuable pieces of information against terrorism.

Unencrypted communications, how much access does NSA have?

In the event that you haven’t been taking after the news, the encryption wars are back and a colossal Apple versus FBI conflict is the most recent real clash. The FBI needs access to the iPhone that had a place with one of the shooters in the San Bernardino slaughter, and Apple is declining to […]

Apple ordered to backdoor the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone

A government judge in the Central District of California has requested Apple to help the FBI recuperate information from the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone. Be that as it may, the court hasn’t requested Apple to evacuate encryption; they’ve requested Apple to backdoor the iOS.