Using Facebook for Multiple Logins: Safe or Not?

Today, we are dependent on all sorts of applications and websites. One such example is the all-famous Instagram app; perfect for eternalising all those glorious moments in our glorious lives by sharing them with our ever-growing number of followers. You know that feeling when life feels like it’s at a complete standstill after you’ve posted a new picture through your account and no one seems to be online because no “likes” are trickling in? You start to make up excuses in your mind – people are stuck in traffic, are still asleep or probably just crazy busy at work because there can be no explanation as to why those little hearts haven’t been coloured red yet. A couple of hours pass by and still not a peep. You decide to remove the ill-fated picture and pretend it never existed because you can’t stand the awkward feeling of not garnering attention from a single person, not even that borderline stalker friend who likes and comments on all of your pictures. Such is the power of social media websites and the applications which accompany them in our lives today.

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