Facebook Quizzes – Can They Predict the Name of a Spouse You Haven’t met?

To be frank, these quizzes cannot predict the name of your future spouse. How is that even possible? But, you have Facebook friends who do these quizzes. While it is enjoyable to do quizzes, Facebook wants to access your personal data first.

North Korea Has Blocked Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Websites from South Korea

North Korea has done it again and now the restrictions applied to the citizens have become really hard. When it comes to the web, North Korea is no stranger to limitations and heavy censorship. But now things have changed for the worse.

Personal details of users to be shared with Facebook by Whatsapp

As of late the Facebook-claimed informing application dropped its $1 yearly membership membership expense to make WhatsApp Free for Lifetime. WhatsApp has arrangements to present another element that would permit its clients to coordinate their Facebook accounts with the most generally utilized app for messaging.

Want to Chat Anonymously? Try Tor Messenger

Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger,  … the most prominent services in the field of instant messaging aren’t as a matter of course the most secure, with lower level of assurance for individual data and an absence of the security for messages sent/receive via them. As a result of this, it’s feasible for said data […]

State sponsored hacking attacks alerts, Yahoo joins FB and Google

Hackers backed by governments who have an inclination to go looking into users’ accounts, except their very own, will get under sensor of the Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer  now, state reports. The organization said that their warnings provide victims particular guidelines to guarantee that their records and gadgets are secure.

Know who is spying you on your Facebook and block them

Facebook is an awesome utility in case one need to stay in contact with loved ones, offer photographs, and see what other individuals are up to in their lives. It’s free, obviously, yet that doesn’t mean it comes without a cost. Here is the write-up by which you can see who is spying you on […]

Vulnerability of FaceBook Application Program Interface (API) questioned the security over personal data of users

Web security experts reported that the security flaw in the API of FB allows anyone to harvest personal data of any user by making use of the user’s phone number stored on Facebook. This security failure has left billions of FB user’s personal data unsecured. Attn: Facebook has your personal data stored. FB the social […]

How people use Facebook for spying on others

As you may have already realized, not all people use Facebook for socializing as there is a category of people on Facebook who use it for spying on the daily life of other users. With the increasing popularity of Facebook, there are many details that can emerge while spying on others. Even though this is […]