How to secure home router

secure your router

Hackers have discovered ways to hack into home routers and modify their configuration. They do this by taking advantage of JavaScript which is built into webpages and logging in as administrators, ultimately altering the router’s DNS settings and assigning DNS servers controlled by attackers. These hacked home routers will then be used as a springboard to perform a number of malicious actions like identity theft and malware attacks. Continue reading “How to secure home router”

Which Social Apps Parents Should Pay Attention To

apps parent should look

Kids, teens and young adults have been using the Internet for multiple reasons to a huge extent (95 per cent are online), with mobile devices and Wi-Fi connections posing real threats. Nowadays, social media platforms have become a lot more sophisticated and they offer people the opportunity to interact, share pictures and statuses, communicate and chat all over the world. Continue reading “Which Social Apps Parents Should Pay Attention To”

4 Things Your Kinds Should Not be Doing Online

children should not do online

It is not unusual these days to hear folks saying that in case you need to get your hands on operating any technical gadget, ask a kid, and they are not kidding! Tablets, Smartphones or Computers having Internet access on them – all are a must-part of the children’s lives nowadays and kids seemingly jump into the digital world more like the ducks head over to water. Continue reading “4 Things Your Kinds Should Not be Doing Online”