Unblocking Netflix at school

Netflix at School

Netflix is a leader in its field, providing also affordable payment plans and is being offered to any location in the United States. It is a streaming platform that is well known for the premium quality of its content.

All this can help you understand why teachers want to keep access to Netflix blocked. Students are tempted to access Netflix, even at times were they attend a class, so teachers block it from all school servers with the intent to keep distractions away from the students. Continue reading “Unblocking Netflix at school”

Free Encryption Tools that Can Help You out Significantly

free encryption tools

If you wish to remain risk-free while surfing the Internet, it goes without even saying that encryption is a great tool that can help you out. Indeed, the whole process of encryption makes the most out of your web surfing activities; in this way, you can get an extra layer to your traffic and prevent any data interception that you do not want to occur. Continue reading “Free Encryption Tools that Can Help You out Significantly”

Free Proxies and the Trouble They Might Bring to Your Doorstep

Free proxies risks cost

It is true that anything offered for free attracts a huge number of people, who choose to use it just because there is no monetary fee that they have to pay. This is the case of free proxies, covering the needs of everyone who is interested in masking their IP and accessing blocked content at a global scale.

Free proxy servers act as the intermediary, redirecting the traffic accordingly and reaching the desired effect. So, many Internet users who are seeking the opportunity to unblock geographically restricted sites choose to do that through the use of free proxy.

Of course, there is a question rising as to who pays for the cost of a free proxy server and for what purpose. Solidarity is an answer that needs polishing, as apparently not many people would happily pay for giving something for free to total strangers everywhere. On the other hand, there are ads on most of the free proxy servers that we come across. Continue reading “Free Proxies and the Trouble They Might Bring to Your Doorstep”