New NSA documents reveal plans to hijack Google Play Store, Samsung app store and iPhones

As NSA (National Security Agency) and its colleague agencies got into act at their peeks, a few years back, Google and Samsung app stores were targeted by the government for hijacking. According to reports by The Intercept and CBC News, the plan of said agencies was to hijack the connections being made between smartphones and […]

Stay Off the Grid: Ways to Safeguard Your Smartphone from the NSA

If you’ve been following the latest developments following the unearthing of the NSA Prism program slides used by the National Security Agency (NSA)  alongside its British counterpart, you must have learned by now that spy agencies are gathering personal data sent by “leaky” smartphones. In line with the provision of documents provided by former NSA […]

The Canadian Government Unmasked: Millions of File Sharers are Being Watched

Edward Snowden blows the whistle again, spilling the details on how Canada’s main electronic surveillance agency is spying on file-sharing activity occurring in over 100 sites, including Kim Dotcom’s now defunct Megaupload in a bid to root out extremists. If you are among the millions of file-sharers worldwide, your online activities are being closely monitored […]