How to get deals on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is the rage now. However, you may find it difficult to experience the beauty of this new product because of the restrictions that Nintendo, the company, places on its devices and games. Here are details of the restrictions and how you can successfully bypass them using VPN.

Czech Government Officials Suffer Massive Hacking Attack, Points Finger at Russia

Reports indicate that government officials in Czech have come under a massive cyber attack in the recent past. According to multiple sources, cyber security officials working in government offices in Czech discovered the massive attack towards the end of last year.

2016: a Bad Year for Digital Privacy

It appears that the past year has been the worst so far regarding digital privacy. Several things have taken place that have shaped the manner in which governments treat the issue of digital privacy and how many people consider the issue as a fundamental human right that should be defended at all costs.

How to Watch the EPL Online

You can catch all the exciting action of the VPN online by choosing the right channels that broadcast the matches. However, you need to bear in mind that all the channels that broadcast the live matches operate under very strict licensing rules. For example, channels can only stream games to specific territories. Also, channels can […]

Turkey Maintains Blockade on Tor and VPNs

The Turkish government has maintained its blockade on Tor and VPN services in the country. According to Turkey Blocks, a site that provides real-time information on Internet censorship in the country, the Turkish government seems intent on curtailing the internet freedom of individuals in the country for as long as it takes. A few weeks […]

Unblocking the Fall TV with a VPN all over the World

The fall TV has a nice show for everyone. But the problem is that some people cannot watch it online. This happens due to censorship in some areas. Where Geo-blocking is real, some content stays hidden. The ISP might also prevent access to some websites.