Get 2GB FREE space by running a two minute security check on your Google account

Insafe celebrated SID (Safer Internet Day) to encourage more secure and more capable utilization of online innovation and smartphones. Google is also awarding additional 2GB over and about the 15GB default FREE space it offers to clients.

Google blocking sites that show fake download buttons

Cheer! Chances are that Sourceforge, CNET, and so forth should locate a less-irritating method for making income. Google has now begun blocking sites utilization misleading substance or promotions to make you do things that you wouldn’t ordinarily do, for example, buttons for downloads that look like a genuine download button, or pop-ups requesting you telephone […]

558m pirated links take-down requests were sent to Google in 2015

Copyright holders requested that Google uproot more than 560,000,000 professedly encroaching (pirated) links from its web search console in 2015. The stunning number is an increment of 60% contrasted with the prior year. As per Google the proceeded with surge is a confirmation that the DMCA takedown procedure is working, yet some copyright holders oppose […]

UK to punish tech firms with criminal charges if they alert users on government spying

A week ago, it was accounted for that Yahoo had turned into the most recent organization that guaranteed to alert clients who it suspected were being kept an eye on by state-supported folks. Twitter, Facebook and Google had already guaranteed their clients that they would likewise caution them of any potential government spying.

Want to Chat Anonymously? Try Tor Messenger

Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger,  … the most prominent services in the field of instant messaging aren’t as a matter of course the most secure, with lower level of assurance for individual data and an absence of the security for messages sent/receive via them. As a result of this, it’s feasible for said data […]