Jitters in the UK amidst Increasing Waves of Cyber Attacks

There are growing concerns among members of the general public and government officials in the UK amidst news that the rate of cyber attacks in the country is increasing at an alarming rate. Official figures from the GCHQ indicate that the UK has suffered about 200 incidents of high-level cyber attacks in the recent months.

Hackers Have Stolen Biometrics of Voters in Philippines

Everybody knows just how sophisticated the hacking attacks may be online, especially with all the advanced technology and the special tools available for them. In the most recent incident of major hacking, voters from Philippines have been robbed of their personal information.

Ways Cyber Criminals Make Money from the Gamers

Online gaming has been on the rise over the past few years and this is a global phenomenon. Platforms such as Steam and Battle.net are filled with people who enjoy gaming – but not only with them! Unfortunately, there are also online scammers and cyber criminals trying to lure their prey. In fact, Steam has […]

Most popular methods that hackers use to hack you

Outsiders wish to become insiders with the smallest amount doable effort, and insiders facilitate them do therefore – principally accidentally, per Balabit. 54% of the survey respondents aforementioned that, per their expertise, organisations square measure still terrified of hackers breaking into their IT network through their firewall.

10 best bug bounty hunters of the all times

We don’t care for individuals who bring up our errors. You more likely than not got notification from your older folks that bringing up another person’s missteps is an unfortunate propensity. Truth be told, the greater part of us is attractive to do that, our brain is similar to radar which continues checking missteps of […]

World’s best thieving hackers are NSA guys, say ex-NSA director

General Michael Hayden said interest things about his recent bosses, the National Security Agency (NSA). The previous chief of the NSA made no misgivings while talking about cyberespionage operations at a cybersecurity gathering in Miami Beach, held recently. Hayden conveyed the keynote address at the S4X16 gathering, with the night’s subject of spotlight on “hackers” […]