Turkey Maintains Blockade on Tor and VPNs

The Turkish government has maintained its blockade on Tor and VPN services in the country. According to Turkey Blocks, a site that provides real-time information on Internet censorship in the country, the Turkish government seems intent on curtailing the internet freedom of individuals in the country for as long as it takes. A few weeks […]

Supreme Court Has Made a Controversial Decision about Judges and Hacking

The Supreme Court has made quite a controversial decision, when it comes to allowing judges to issue warrants about computers everywhere. In this way, a judge may order the issuance of a warrant beyond his jurisdiction and this might lead to a more penetrative hacking activity on behalf of the FBI.

Most popular methods that hackers use to hack you

Outsiders wish to become insiders with the smallest amount doable effort, and insiders facilitate them do therefore – principally accidentally, per Balabit. 54% of the survey respondents aforementioned that, per their expertise, organisations square measure still terrified of hackers breaking into their IT network through their firewall.