Public Beta of Let’s Encrypt Marks a Huge Step in Online Protection

  Let’s Encrypt has entered public beta and this is a huge step towards establishing greater online security and privacy all over the world. Let’s Encrypt offers free digital certificates to its users, making it really easy for businesses and everyone else without the proper funds to encrypt all data without any problem. On Thursday, […]

Free Encryption Tools that Can Help You out Significantly

If you wish to remain risk-free while surfing the Internet, it goes without even saying that encryption is a great tool that can help you out. Indeed, the whole process of encryption makes the most out of your web surfing activities; in this way, you can get an extra layer to your traffic and prevent […]

Logjam flaw leaves browsers alongside thousands of HTTPS websites vulnerable

According to a latest report from Ars Technia, millions of HTTPS based sites, mail servers as well as other online services might eventually be left vulnerable because of a security bug that could allow cyber-criminals to successfully snoop and modify the encrypted data.

Mozilla pushing hard for completely HTTPS usage to make web secure

Mozilla has declared aggressively that they are considering to drop non secure HTTP. Security Lead of Firefox Richard Barnes mentioned in a post. “After a robust discussion on our community mailing list, Mozilla is committing to focus new development efforts on the secure web, and start removing capabilities from the non-secure web,”