Jitters in the UK amidst Increasing Waves of Cyber Attacks

There are growing concerns among members of the general public and government officials in the UK amidst news that the rate of cyber attacks in the country is increasing at an alarming rate. Official figures from the GCHQ indicate that the UK has suffered about 200 incidents of high-level cyber attacks in the recent months.

How to Beat High App Prices by Using hide.me VPN

If you are in the UK, Romania, Russia, Turkey or several other countries, you must have realised that Apple has increased the prices of some of the Apps on its Apple App Store. The reasons for this trend are varied. However, it is widely believed that changes in the global geopolitical environment and the violent […]

Turkey Maintains Blockade on Tor and VPNs

The Turkish government has maintained its blockade on Tor and VPN services in the country. According to Turkey Blocks, a site that provides real-time information on Internet censorship in the country, the Turkish government seems intent on curtailing the internet freedom of individuals in the country for as long as it takes. A few weeks […]

Silicon Valley and a Trump Presidency: 3 Important Things

Leading tech companies in the United States are a worried lot. Throughout the campaigns, they had been backing Hillary Clinton while declaring that a Trump presidency would be entirely bad for innovation. Right now, the tech companies have to rethink their position since their worst nightmare has now become a reality. Here are three important […]

Internet of Things: How will it affect User Security and Privacy?

The 2016 Black Hat cybersecurity talks took place in Las Vegas. This year, they displayed a padlock at the Alert Logic booth. The Internet of Things hopes to connect more devices each day. By the year 2020, it wants to meet its 24 billion IoT devices goal.

How the Internet of Things May Compromise Online Security

The Internet of Things has become greatly popular, given the fact that there are so many benefits related to their use. Our lives have been made a lot easier with the use of the Internet of Things, which means that many people prefer connecting their devices for the best results possible.

In Today’s Connected World, Privacy Involves the Whole Group and Not the Individual

Nowadays, the world has become a lot more connected. People tend to share content with friends and colleagues, even with people they merely know – or don’t even know! This means that there is a lot of information shared on a daily basis. The more the shared data, the bigger the chances of privacy breach. […]

Biometrics Introduced in the Near Future for Global Online Security

Biometrics has certainly been on the rise at a global scale over the past few years. This phenomenon has become even more intensified, as the latest moves indicate. In Japan, the government is working on a new payment system that only involves your fingerprint to complete a purchase.