How to Beat High App Prices by Using VPN

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If you are in the UK, Romania, Russia, Turkey or several other countries, you must have realised that Apple has increased the prices of some of the Apps on its Apple App Store. The reasons for this trend are varied. However, it is widely believed that changes in the global geopolitical environment and the violent fluctuations of the rates of exchange for various currencies in the recent past are the main causes of this trend. Continue reading “How to Beat High App Prices by Using VPN”

Turkey Maintains Blockade on Tor and VPNs

The Turkish government has maintained its blockade on Tor and VPN services in the country. According to Turkey Blocks, a site that provides real-time information on Internet censorship in the country, the Turkish government seems intent on curtailing the internet freedom of individuals in the country for as long as it takes.

A few weeks ago, the Turkish government imposed a ban on Tor in the country, thus plunging millions of journalists, activists and other privacy-conscious individuals into darkness. Tor is a popular system that helps people to communicate anonymously via a specially-reinforced browser. The system has been popular among many users in the world, with many governments exploring ways in which they can block it.

It appears that the Turkish government decided to extend its censorship by also blocking VPN services in the country. According to reports, major ISPs in the country, led by TTNet, decided to restrict access to the internet via VPNs for about a day earlier last week. Turkey Blocks reported that people in Turkey could not use VPN services for about 12 hours before the services were restored. Also, during the time, many social network sites remained inaccessible from within the Turkish borders.

The Turkish government has been carrying out widespread internet censorship activities in the recent past. Earlier in the year, the government conducted a massive crackdown on dissidents, which involved controlling the use of social media sites, following a failed coup attempt. Reports indicate that the government tried to coerce ISPs to block access to social media sites at the time. The government sought to justify its actions by citing the need to restore peace and order in the country.

The recent actions of the Turkish government followed the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov earlier in the month. Immediately after the assassination, people started reporting very slow speeds when they were attempting to access some sites. It appears that some ISPs were slow to respond to the order by the government that they shut down specific sites.

It is not clear what the government is going to do soon, now that individuals in the country can access social media sites and VPNs partially. However, many users of Tor have to find out other ways to bypass the restrictions.

Silicon Valley and a Trump Presidency: 3 Important Things

Silicon Valley and a Trump Presidency

Leading tech companies in the United States are a worried lot. Throughout the campaigns, they had been backing Hillary Clinton while declaring that a Trump presidency would be entirely bad for innovation. Right now, the tech companies have to rethink their position since their worst nightmare has now become a reality. Here are three important things about the relationship between leaders of the tech companies and the President-Elect that you need to know. Continue reading “Silicon Valley and a Trump Presidency: 3 Important Things”

In Today’s Connected World, Privacy Involves the Whole Group and Not the Individual

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Nowadays, the world has become a lot more connected. People tend to share content with friends and colleagues, even with people they merely know – or don’t even know! This means that there is a lot of information shared on a daily basis. The more the shared data, the bigger the chances of privacy breach. Even though we tend to think that privacy is a matter to consider individually, there is the impact of shared content that we often ignore or underestimate. Continue reading “In Today’s Connected World, Privacy Involves the Whole Group and Not the Individual”