How to fix slow Internet speed

Moderate Internet velocities are a noteworthy bother that can decrease your efficiency, make it hard to make the most of your most loved diversion, and make a general disappointment. You can keep running into issues with pace over any association, yet utilizing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) like includes considerably more elements that could […]

Ban on Internet access taxes got passed by the Congress

Congress has voted to make perpetual a government law that keeps states or regions from burdened Internet access. On tech issues, the factional separation isn’t so wide. Yet nothing happened. The US Senate acknowledged the measure as a major aspect of a bigger exchange charge, which passed today on a 75-20 vote. Subsequent to the […]

World Internet Conference and the Presence of Xi Jinping from China

Xi Jinping from China will be attending the second World Internet Conference, despite the heavy censorship applied by Chinese Government. When it comes to online freedom, China cannot take pride in being among the first countries in ranking. Actually, the opposite is true about the Chinese Government. To be more specific, they have ranked last […]