Jitters in the UK amidst Increasing Waves of Cyber Attacks

There are growing concerns among members of the general public and government officials in the UK amidst news that the rate of cyber attacks in the country is increasing at an alarming rate. Official figures from the GCHQ indicate that the UK has suffered about 200 incidents of high-level cyber attacks in the recent months.

Encryption Backdoors and All the Info about Them

The FBI and Apple have been debating, following the San Bernardino case and the demand of the former to the latter concerning the creation of an encryption backdoor. This backdoor would be used by the FBI, in order to identify the threat and gain valuable pieces of information against terrorism.

Minority Supporters Do Not Widely Express Their Opinions on Mass Surveillance

According to a recent study, there is a majority of people who do not want to oppose the public opinion. As a result, they do not reveal what they actually think and instead they tend to express the favorable opinion. Even though this is not something that they agree on, it is much easier for […]

Presidential Candidates and the Oxymoron of Their Internet Love

Nowadays, the US elections have involved the use of the Internet for interaction more than ever before. The candidates reach a lot of people and they communicate with potential voters, so as to spread the word of their campaign and win the impressions over their competitors. Especially in the case of Donald Trump, his popularity […]

There’s little we can do, data backdoor already exists

We are not in any case safe even all around the air, any longer. Each time you sign into a gadget and have it associated with the space we call the Internet, it undoubtedly checks for programmed upgrades — unless you’ve turned them off.

Americans are being poisoned via Internet by terrorists, says Obama

Terrorist are utilizing the Internet to poison Americans, President Obama said amid his address on State of the Union Tuesday night. In a section about the dangers postured by terrorism, the first threat Obama said was the manner by which these terrorists are utilizing online networking systems (social media networks) to spread purposeful publicity and […]