Unblocking the Fall TV with a VPN all over the World

The fall TV has a nice show for everyone. But the problem is that some people cannot watch it online. This happens due to censorship in some areas. Where Geo-blocking is real, some content stays hidden. The ISP might also prevent access to some websites.

DNS Hijacking and What You Need to Know

It is not rare for governments to engage in DNS hijacking, in order to establish their regime and control their citizens to the maximum extent. The whole scheme involves the cooperation of the local ISPs (or Internet Service Providers), since they are the ones responsible. A fine example of such a government is the one […]

want to hide Skype IP? Just update it

Did you ever wanted to hide Skype IP? Well, Microsoft, the giant behind Skype has heard you! Microsoft has propelled another Skype update – its video calling service – which will shroud all clients’ IP addresses as a matter of course. The innovation Goliath had discharged comparative upgrades before, wherein clients could physically conceal their […]

It is time for Hollywood studios to send out warnings to illegal downloaders

How Hollywood studios react to the increasing rate of downloads for the new Oscar blockbusters, with the takedown notices being their most recent move. Thousands of warnings have already been sent out to illegal downloaders online, in an effort to put people off from continuing on their downloading spree. New film releases that will prevail […]

What your IP tells others about you online?

ISPs (Internet Service Providers) provide you with a unique local IP address when you connect to the Internet, in an attempt to identify you on the network you’re connected to locally. On the contrary, a public IP is a private identifier, primilarly allotted to you while you surf the web. Network addresses or Nat is […]

Best Windows 10 VPNs

Windows 10 is a promising operating system, which has attracted the interest of users from all over the world. Although Microsoft has done its best to overcome the previous vulnerabilities (meaning the vulnerabilities of previous Windows version), there are still several issues with security that need to be outlined.

All You Need to Know about VPN Technology, in a Nutshell

It is sure that Internet has become a vital service for all kinds of people, for all ages and for all sexes. Even though the Internet might be vital, the same goes for the Internet security systems that everyone must use in order to be protected against all kinds of risks.