Apple Releases iOS 9.3.5 Update to Protect its Users

Do you own an iPhone? If so, you should be aware that a criminal could be tracking you. The wicked party may not be from Apple. There is good news though. Apple has a new update, the iOS 9.3.5. The iOS update will end serious security and privacy issues that iPhone users face.  There is […]

Why Use VPN on Your iPhone or Android When You Travel

While we are traveling, our needs change substantially. Therefore, we ought to be able and keep up with satisfying these needs. The VPN is the key to success, in case you are on the go and you worry about not having the ability to enjoy the same digital benefits as in your country. So, why […]

There’s little we can do, data backdoor already exists

We are not in any case safe even all around the air, any longer. Each time you sign into a gadget and have it associated with the space we call the Internet, it undoubtedly checks for programmed upgrades — unless you’ve turned them off.

New NSA documents reveal plans to hijack Google Play Store, Samsung app store and iPhones

As NSA (National Security Agency) and its colleague agencies got into act at their peeks, a few years back, Google and Samsung app stores were targeted by the government for hijacking. According to reports by The Intercept and CBC News, the plan of said agencies was to hijack the connections being made between smartphones and […]