Why Use VPN on Your iPhone or Android When You Travel

Why Use VPN on iPhone or Android When You Travel

While we are traveling, our needs change substantially. Therefore, we ought to be able and keep up with satisfying these needs. The VPN is the key to success, in case you are on the go and you worry about not having the ability to enjoy the same digital benefits as in your country. So, why do we need a VPN on our iPhone or Android running device, when we are traveling? Continue reading “Why Use VPN on Your iPhone or Android When You Travel”

DNS Hijacking and What You Need to Know

DNS hijacking

It is not rare for governments to engage in DNS hijacking, in order to establish their regime and control their citizens to the maximum extent. The whole scheme involves the cooperation of the local ISPs (or Internet Service Providers), since they are the ones responsible. A fine example of such a government is the one from China and the Great Firewall that they have created. Continue reading “DNS Hijacking and What You Need to Know”

How to Bypass Torrent Throttling

bypass torrent throtting

It goes without questioning that different Internet Service Providers worldwide are blocking Torrents by either throttling all P2P downloads or simply blocking the open ports. As one can imaging, it can be difficult to figure out which particular ports could be open at a specific time, as one can’t clear through a large number of ports to see which one has been kept open by the ISP. On the other hand though, a straightforward answer for bypassing Torrent throttling being imposed by ISPs is accessible. See the information below for more points of interest. Continue reading “How to Bypass Torrent Throttling”

What do ISPs know about your online activities?

what ISPs know about you

In order to connect to the Internet, you need to subscribe to an Internet Service Provider (ISP). The ISPs have got the ability to monitor, track and store your online activity. You feel like this is an invasion of your privacy? Check out below, to see what type of data an ISP maintains and what you can do in order to protect your online activities from being tracked by your ISP. Continue reading “What do ISPs know about your online activities?”