How to Watch Hunted from Anywhere in the World

Hunted will premiere on January 22nd, 2017 on CBS. The reality show is based on how teams of participants pretending to be wanted criminals can successfully hide from real-life investigators. There are nine teams, each made of two individuals in the show. The team that manages to evade capture for four weeks carries the grand […]

“Lockdroid” Ransomware Can Erase Data and Lock Smartphones

“Another bit of Android ransomware has developed, equipped for changing PINs, locking gadgets and even completely wiping client information by means of factory resets”, Symantec scientists warn. Called “Lockdroid” (Android.Lockdroid.E) by Symantec, the new malware was discovered trap clients into furnishing it with gadget administrator rights. When it gets these rights, the malware can encode […]

Why use Whatsapp for web instead all other messaging apps online

After being available only on the mobiles for long, Whatsapp made its mark to the web recently. Anyone can get their hands on it by visiting and scanning a QR code from their phone. One just need to open the app, go to menu and select the web options. Apparently, the app seems to […]

The efforts phone makers are making to ensure your privacy aren’t satisfying

Your cell phone is putting your security at danger, and the general population who made (the makes of phones) it aren’t doing what’s needed to ensure you. That is the notice from the creators of Sikur GranitePhone, another security-centered cell phone which is accessible to pre order today.

How to Track an Android Phone or Tablet without Installed Tracking Apps

Have you ever found yourself in the unfortunate situation of having lost your precious Android running phone or tablet? Then, you probably know how frustrating it can be! We have all got used to the presence of modern, sophisticated devices that work wonders for our communication, human interaction, information gathering and entertainment – losing track […]

SMS Spoofing and What You Need to Know

SMS Spoofing has increased in popularity over the past few years, with the world being gradually introduced to its innovative technology. With the term of SMS Spoofing, we typically refer to the process that allows a user to alter the number and details highlighted as the SMS sender.

Learn the Nuts and Bolts of Mobile Security

Are you a computer geek? You probably own latest Galaxy S6, Google’s Nexus 6 or maybe you’re still holding on to the iPhone 6+ you bought last. Today, smartphones are important accessories of our daily lives. It is hard to live without one and even organizations have recognized the impact of smartphones on the corporate […]