Czech Government Officials Suffer Massive Hacking Attack, Points Finger at Russia

Reports indicate that government officials in Czech have come under a massive cyber attack in the recent past. According to multiple sources, cyber security officials working in government offices in Czech discovered the massive attack towards the end of last year.

Unencrypted communications, how much access does NSA have?

In the event that you haven’t been taking after the news, the encryption wars are back and a colossal Apple versus FBI conflict is the most recent real clash. The FBI needs access to the iPhone that had a place with one of the shooters in the San Bernardino slaughter, and Apple is declining to […]

World’s best thieving hackers are NSA guys, say ex-NSA director

General Michael Hayden said interest things about his recent bosses, the National Security Agency (NSA). The previous chief of the NSA made no misgivings while talking about cyberespionage operations at a cybersecurity gathering in Miami Beach, held recently. Hayden conveyed the keynote address at the S4X16 gathering, with the night’s subject of spotlight on “hackers” […]

New NSA documents reveal plans to hijack Google Play Store, Samsung app store and iPhones

As NSA (National Security Agency) and its colleague agencies got into act at their peeks, a few years back, Google and Samsung app stores were targeted by the government for hijacking. According to reports by The Intercept and CBC News, the plan of said agencies was to hijack the connections being made between smartphones and […]

Logjam flaw leaves browsers alongside thousands of HTTPS websites vulnerable

According to a latest report from Ars Technia, millions of HTTPS based sites, mail servers as well as other online services might eventually be left vulnerable because of a security bug that could allow cyber-criminals to successfully snoop and modify the encrypted data.

Some of the Most Important Information about NSA’s Quantum Insert Attacks

The British Government Communications Centre, or in other words the GCHQ, has used artificial pages with spy purposes and they have been similar to those of the social network means just like LinkedIn and the Internet version of Slashdot. This kind of information was published in the German magazine that is called Spiegel.

Federal agents accused of fraud in silk road case

Ross Ulbricht has become really famous in a bad way, as he was the owner of Silk Road that was founded some years ago. Silk Road was an online marketplace that was described as the “Amazon of drugs.” This is not an unfair characterization, especially if you consider that over 50 per cent of transactions […]