Tips for Traveling in Comfort and with Absolute Internet Safety

If you are accustomed to traveling a lot, you may have quite a few complaints as to the inconveniences you face when being abroad. It is true that being outside our normal daily life can be frustrating; still, when you organize everything properly, chances are that you will be able to enjoy your journeys no […]

How Not to Get Malware While Downloading Software

It is crucial to identify the most important factors that allow us to remain safe online. Among these factors, downloading hazards have to be removed entirely. It is true that malware can hide beneath innocent looking downloads of software and other files.

How to respond to a DDoS attack

It is important for an organization, a business or even an individual to have a plan ready for the unfortunate event of being targeted by a DDoS attack. These types of attacks have become quite common and continue on increasing and so the organizations need to constantly review their plans on responding to such attacks.

Way to Achieve Reliable Malware Security Online

Malware has been troubling both individuals and businesses worldwide, due to the multiple consequences that such threats can have on a computer or even on a network of computers. Its name reflects its nature, as it consists of the words “malicious software”.

Simple Tips to Keep Minors Safe on the Internet

It is true that many children and teenagers nowadays have got access to the Internet, either through their family desktop or via their laptop or a tablet. Additionally to that, the usage of mobile devices among minors has increased rapidly and this cannot be argued by anybody.

5 Quick Ways to Avoid NSA Surveillance

Every now and then, all of us wonder if our personal data is safe on our computer or if the chats, the photos and the videos that we share online are able to be seen by third parties who have nothing to do with us. The truth is that nothing that is saved or shared […]

Learn How you can Jeopardize your Online Privacy

The internet is a great tool for keeping in touch with your social life, as well as catching up on the news or collaborating with your colleagues at work. There are many different uses of the internet and this is why it is of wonderful importance for most people nowadays. However, this tool is not […]