How to Date Online Safely: Important Tips

Online dating is on the rise, thanks to our ever busy schedules and the desire to get things done fast. However, online dating, just like any other online activity, is associated with various risks. There are many stories of how innocent people have ended up losing money to online scammers who pose as potential dates […]

How to Beat High App Prices by Using VPN

If you are in the UK, Romania, Russia, Turkey or several other countries, you must have realised that Apple has increased the prices of some of the Apps on its Apple App Store. The reasons for this trend are varied. However, it is widely believed that changes in the global geopolitical environment and the violent […]

Beyond Passwords – Multi-verification Knowledge Businesses Should Use

Verification of identity is difficult for start-up businesses. First, it is important to verify every person that accesses internal business systems. Then, owners must ensure that only authorized employees can access their large IT systems.

How to Avoid Unauthorized Access to Your Webcam

It is true that many people have been put off by the increasing incidents of webcam hacking that have been brought to light so far. Many Internet users have stopped keeping their webcam activated for fear that they would become victims of hacking attempts.