Britain, US consider letting the police, spy agencies seek chat data, emails from firms

U.S. what’s more, UK spying agencies and police might soon be permitted to straightforwardly ask media organizations in every others’ nations for online chats and email data for individuals being explored, under a provisional reciprocal arrangement, authorities said on Friday (5 February 2016).

World’s best thieving hackers are NSA guys, say ex-NSA director

General Michael Hayden said interest things about his recent bosses, the National Security Agency (NSA). The previous chief of the NSA made no misgivings while talking about cyberespionage operations at a cybersecurity gathering in Miami Beach, held recently. Hayden conveyed the keynote address at the S4X16 gathering, with the night’s subject of spotlight on “hackers” […]

UK to punish tech firms with criminal charges if they alert users on government spying

A week ago, it was accounted for that Yahoo had turned into the most recent organization that guaranteed to alert clients who it suspected were being kept an eye on by state-supported folks. Twitter, Facebook and Google had already guaranteed their clients that they would likewise caution them of any potential government spying.

Know who is spying you on your Facebook and block them

Facebook is an awesome utility in case one need to stay in contact with loved ones, offer photographs, and see what other individuals are up to in their lives. It’s free, obviously, yet that doesn’t mean it comes without a cost. Here is the write-up by which you can see who is spying you on […]

How people use Facebook for spying on others

As you may have already realized, not all people use Facebook for socializing as there is a category of people on Facebook who use it for spying on the daily life of other users. With the increasing popularity of Facebook, there are many details that can emerge while spying on others. Even though this is […]

New NSA documents reveal plans to hijack Google Play Store, Samsung app store and iPhones

As NSA (National Security Agency) and its colleague agencies got into act at their peeks, a few years back, Google and Samsung app stores were targeted by the government for hijacking. According to reports by The Intercept and CBC News, the plan of said agencies was to hijack the connections being made between smartphones and […]

Remain thoroughly Protected Online and Avoid Spying Threats

The web is certainly growing exponentially, connecting every single one of us in multiple ways and covering multiple needs. Because of its growth and popularity, there are definitely a lot of threats that emerge, spying on our sensitive data and potentially harming us in the long run. Nevertheless, we have got the power to eliminate […]